2015 brings exciting changes to Matchmade

changes ahead

Happy New Year!

With 2015 now here, it is time to focus on all of the possibilities that lie before us. And they are endless!

At Matchmade, of course I speak in relation to matters of the heart, and this is something that I do not take lightly. I’ve read, listened and pondered over the feedback of our members since our launch. This reflection and that of my desire to provide you with the best dating platform possible means some exciting changes lie ahead.

So what is changing?

Personalised Matchmaking is now for everyone.
Personalised Matchmaking, which has long been out of reach for most people will no longer be. At Matchmade, I’ve seen first hand the benefits and success this service provides. And now it will be available to each and every one of our members.

No joining or monthly membership fees.
Most dating sites charge at least one of these, and each to their own. However who wants to pay something for nothing? I know I sure wouldn’t! At Matchmade, you only pay a small fee once we match you and you both decide you would like to meet.

No more singles events.
When I think two people really should meet, I simply don’t want to wait. Not only that, our singles events took a huge chunk of time to co-ordinate, and I’d prefer all of our efforts are put into what we know works – Matchmaking!

And what is staying the same?

You remain private.
Having no online profiles remains the key difference between us and most other dating platforms. Online profiles can often be misleading and embellished. And how many of us have discovered the person looks nothing like their photo! Besides that, who really has the time and energy to trawl through these sites.

When members fill out a confidential profile, they feel comfortable to tell us who they are, what they’re about and who they’re looking for.

Our commitment to you.
Your success in finding a long lasting relationship with us is our goal and constant focus. We want our dating platform to be a high quality alternative that enables you to find love in a supported and safe way.

Here’s to 2015 and wishing that all good things come your way.


About Karen Von Blanckensee

Karen’s love of matchmaking was ignited the first time she successfully set up some friends. By combining this passion with her experience in sales, marketing & event management, Karen delivers the best possible solutions for her single clients. When she is not busy happily bringing singles together, spending time with family and friends is a joyful priority.

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