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“I genuinely love being part of something that can bring life long happiness to other people.”

About Matchmade Matchmaking

Personal Matchmaking has long been out of reach for most singles looking for love, with one of the key factors being the high cost for the service. However if you’re a single person wanting to take advantage of the benefits and expertise of a Matchmaker, you now have an alternative.

We have made matchmaking accessible and affordable for everyone. As a member of Matchmade, your profile is not made public. We are perfect for those who wish to remain private while searching for their soul mate. However this may leave you to wonder how you can meet our highly eligible singles? Well, that’s our speciality!

A team of REAL people, headed by company founder and Matchmaker Karen, work tirelessly behind the scenes. We assess your profile and carry out a highly focused search. Details about lifestyle, values, age, physical appearance, personality traits and interests are all key factors. Hand selected matches are then presented for your consideration, all the while keeping individual identities private. We understand your time is valuable, so you are only introduced to the people most compatible to you.

If you are both excited about meeting one another, then with your permission, we exchange your basic contact details after the small fee of $55 per person is paid. It is then our recommendation to keep communication to a minimum, with the focus being on arranging your first date. The reason why we strongly suggest this is simple. It is our experience that a true depiction of someone cannot be made if communication is based on emails, texts and pictures. Real connections and accurate assessments can only be done by getting to know them in person.

During this final matchmaking step we like to think of ourselves as your date cheerleaders, giving you some helpful tips, advice and encouragement. But most importantly is the post-date feedback we request from you and pass on, which can prove invaluable in your dating success.


Our Matchmade members are extremely varied, coming from a wide range of different backgrounds and professions. They are frustrated with the lack of success they’ve had in using the big online dating sites. They are singles looking for serious, long-term relationships and committed life partners.

They are people who genuinely want to find love.

They are people just like you.


Single and looking for love, Karen recalls feelings of frustration and disappointment at going out most weekends to bars and clubs only to find herself still alone. “Disheartened, I tried online dating but as a private person I felt uncomfortable and apprehensive about putting my face and profile out there for virtual strangers,” says Karen.

Karen’s interest in helping people find love was sparked when she was introduced to her husband through a friend. She then became fixated in helping her friends find love and found genuine fulfillment in seeing them happily dating and in relationships.

Matchmaking naturally turned from hobby into a career after Karen realised that all she could think of when she met someone single was…who could she set them up with?

Karen’s own dating experiences and that of her friends has given her a good understanding of the highs and lows when looking for love. Karen also believes it is the honest feedback she provides to her members coupled with a healthy dose of intuition that results in matchmaking successes.

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