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Everyday I am honoured to receive new profiles from singles looking for love. And it’s exciting that perhaps through my process and dating advice, they will meet their soul mate. However occasionally I will read a profile which makes me wonder – what are they bringing to the table?

It’s so easy to list the qualities we want in a future partner, yet most of us do not actively embody those traits and characteristics. And that absence and inactivity indicates laziness and a degree of selfishness.

Some people say they are waiting to meet someone before they change jobs, or start a new hobby. Some are waiting to meet that perfect person before taking an overseas trip. Some want to date a fit, athletic person yet don’t exercise themselves. Some have a seemingly endless list of wants and needs which are all directed for someone else to fill.  And some don’t have anything that they’re passionate about.

Love may come to you, but there’s no guarantee. So stop waiting. Find your passion. Do the things that you are waiting to do NOW. Project outwards what you would like to receive and embody the traits that you are looking for in your ideal companion. At the very least, you will begin to live the life you’ve always wanted to.




First Date

A friend of mine recently went on a first date. Being a Matchmaker and constantly submersed in all things dating, she naturally turned to me for advice about first date conversation.

Asking questions and being genuinely interested in the response is always my number one dating tip. However this got me wanting to think outside the box. So I decided to put together my Top 10 first date questions to keep conversation a little more interesting.

changes ahead

Happy New Year!

With 2015 now here, it is time to focus on all of the possibilities that lie before us. And they are endless!

At Matchmade, of course I speak in relation to matters of the heart, and this is something that I do not take lightly. I’ve read, listened and pondered over the feedback of our members since our launch. This reflection and that of my desire to provide you with the best dating platform possible means some exciting changes lie ahead.