The frustration of modern online dating

online dating


This week I decided to remind myself of the feelings and frustrations singles experience when using normal online dating websites.

After for what seemed an eternity to create a profile that only a computer will manage, I was quickly reminded on how impersonal dating websites can be. I already felt like just another number, but this was soon replaced by hope as my inbox was filled with emails on suggested matches.

As a single person, having potential dates fill your inbox raises your level of hope. Just maybe one of them could be the person you are searching for. After closer inspection of the profiles, I soon realised that these daily matches were SO off the radar. They weren’t even close!

Hope was now replaced with frustration and disappointment. The frustration came from what a complete waste of my time; the disappointment as I realised these people were nothing like I was searching for. Everyday since, my inbox has been bombarded with upselling and inappropriate matches. I’m sure they send any old person to keep up the level of hope and to validate their fees.

This experiment quickly reminded me of why I started Matchmade. I value quality over quantity. I don’t want to waste your time by filling up your inbox with singles who are not suited to you. If you have taken the time to complete a profile, thank you for putting your trust in us. Rest assured that when we send you a possible match, there is a damn good reason behind it.



About Karen Von Blanckensee

Karen’s love of matchmaking was ignited the first time she successfully set up some friends. By combining this passion with her experience in sales, marketing & event management, Karen delivers the best possible solutions for her single clients. When she is not busy happily bringing singles together, spending time with family and friends is a joyful priority.

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