Matchmaking services

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Create your profile

This is the most important step. Take your time to complete your profile. Remember, it is for our eyes only so there is no need for embellishment. Be authentic, and tell us who you really are and what you are looking for.  Details about lifestyle, values, age, physical appearance, personality traits and interests are all important. The more accurate you are with your information, the better chance our matchmaker service has in finding you the right person. Oh, and make sure to supply a current photo please.

Getting matched

Using our matchmaker service means you sit back and relax while we get to know you and the search begins. Potential candidates are assessed for suitability and compatibility. Once found, a hand-selected match will be presented to you for your consideration. If both of you are excited about taking it a step further then the small fee of $55 per person is paid and your basic details are exchanged.

The date

It is then our recommendation to keep communication to a minimum, with the focus being on arranging your first date. The reason why we strongly suggest this is simple. We believe you can only form an accurate assessment of someone if you are face to face. Casual drinks or a light dinner at a venue where you can sit and get acquainted with one another is best.

Feedback and support

Following your date we ask that you both provide honest feedback to. You will greatly benefit from this process and we find this step is invaluable to your dating success while using our matchmaker service. If a relationship doesn’t bloom then this feedback also helps us in our assessments of future potential matches.

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